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It was a Sunday afternoon, when me and my dog ”Lady” went for a walk… At this point I would like to introduce you to my dog:                 


According to the picture you would think what a lazy little bugger, but believe me, Only after a long walk through the forests a dog can be that satisfied!

But now my subject

One day, like every day, I went for a walk again with Lady. Well, after a while I had to do a “wee”, so I turned to a tree… what I saw then was a heart carved nicely into the bark of that tree. I asked myself who could have done that? How old could that be? Do those 2 people still know each other? Do they remember that heart? Questions came into my mind… I took a photo of it! And that`s how it began…

I started to pay more attention to those trees, I found more and more hearts, I took photos of each and started to collect them. But what to do with my collection? I decided to share it. So I said to myself: Hey dude, create a homepage, show the hearts to the world!                   

That’s how my page was born.